Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Rahat Hasan Shah(r.a.)

“Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim”


(Name-Pedigree-Title and Other name)

Mohammad Rahat Hasan- Father Khwaja Inayat Hasan Shah. Hazrat Abdullah Khan Afghani the chief predecessor of this family to which Rahat Hasan Shah belonged from village “SHEIKH JAANA” Peshawar migrated and settled in village Bhainsodi, Distt. Rampur and assumed it as permanent native place which has been generation after generation continuing to be the native land of the tribe. The blessed tribe is recognized as the sacred clean and clear. Physical beauty, elegance of character truthfulness, respect for customs benevolence, kindness to destitute courage, true following of the commands of God all merits become the recognizance of this illustrious family. All from this family were God loving and near to God with nobleness exemplary. His grandfather was attached as follower to Hazrat Ashiq Mian of Rampur and was conferred deputyship by his PEER MURSHID on him. He was a devotee of Syed Shah Mushtaq of Rampur. The father of Shah Hasan Raza was a devotee of Hazrat Alif Khan who was devotee and Khalifa of Hazrat Nawaz Khan. Alif Khan had followers in abundance very special among all Syed Karamat Ali Shah and Waris Ali Shah of Bhaisodi see father, mother, grandfather and great grand mother- all make a chain of radiance, which linked strongly. One who takes birth in such a holy divine and worthy family would turn out to be a person on whom perfect achievers of the favour of God would rely and would be ranked as hermit of high order.

His famous title is SANADUS-SALIKEEN, which means according to Arabic Dictionary is a traveler who with consciousness, decency and principles proceeds forward to the destination. The system is called Tariqat which means “way” but the light of Shariah must remain in this way otherwise it will not be divine path instead it will be a way of devil. That Tariqat will be agreeable which gets the support and backing of Shariah.

Loving and getting the love of Prophet (P.B.U.H.) is real mysticism and mystic  achievement pious Shariah is a bright regulation. Vivid instructions are there to tread upon this path with correct conceptions and that really means Tariqat. Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah clearly declared that one who deviates from Shariah he is cut off from him and his order. In fact, all affluence whether worldly or heavenly belongs to the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) “SANAD” signifies support, reliance, trust and dependence so many seekers of truth depended upon Rahat Hasan Shah and he remained support to them. He made people qualified and sagacious travellers of the path of mysticism. He turned so many to real worshipper and recognizer of God. That way he rendered valuable service the Jahangiria order.

Travel and publicizing the order: He travelled for God as his true servants do. It is customary and old work of system. No hesitation he had while he stayed in cities forests and desolates. He Scattered fragrance of divine love and Islamic faith, corrected those who wrongly understood the religious concepts and thus made then true believers with correct ideology and belief. He went abroad as well to propagate Islam and wrote letters to influential personalities of different countries in order to manifest his ideas about the fundamentals of Islam.

Book of His Life: Every page of the book of his life is spotless which emit divine light. Briefly, he renounced all glamours of the World and dedicated to divine authority the same craving, search and longing he infused in his devotees is the essence of his effort to make life presentable. According to hadith, mysticism is nothing but to make man attractive in all aspects of life.

“AHSAAN” means make beautiful. In hadith, it is ordered that worship should be made beautiful and one must think that while worshipping either he is seeing God or God kindly sees him. We find in “Futuhul-Ghaib” a book of Sheikh Muhiuddin Abdul Qadir Jilani in which he wrote that while you are before Almighty forget all creatures and while you are with his creatures you should forget your own self. The words are mirror the spirit of mysticism “Futuhul-Ghaib” was translated authentically by Hakeem Syed Sikander Shah Devotee of the same guide to whom Hazrat Nabi Raza Shah was attached. He wrote seerat-e-Fakhrul-arifin and benefited all related to Jahangiria order. The prayers of Rahat Hasan Shah were granted and accepted by Omnipotent. He occupied high place among Sufis and reaching so high his rank can be of a Abdaal which mean distinguished spiritual personality whose prayers are answered rapidly whose benign presence removes calamites, They have no contrast as for as outer and inner self is concerned. Administration on earth is established because of them, due to their affinity with God rain falls and their hearts are free from malices. In the light of such qualities, we arrive at a conclusion that his spiritual excellence admitted and accepted. What he said always came true.

With other merits, his wife was large hearted, amiable, and supportive pacifier of yearning hearts.

Sons: He had three sons

1-         Khwaja Fasahat Hasan Shah (Successor of the spiritual seat)

2-         Misbah Hasan Shah

3-         Farhat Hasan Shah

And two daughter Makhdooma Naima Khatoon and Fahmina Khatoon

Last congregation (Namaz-e-Janaza) was lead by Maulana Noorul Hasan alias Dada Mian Imam of Jama Masjid).

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