Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah(r.a.)

“Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim”


Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah-Title- Sheikhul Aulia alias Chanda Mian was born on 22nd of Moharram 1302 Hijri. His place of birth was Bhaisodi Shareef, Distt. Rampur, U.P.

He was only two years of age when his father Maulana Hasan Raza Shah expired. Behind the curtain of his orphanage it was destined that in future he will be a Mureed (disciple) of his elder brother, Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah will be Peer (Spiritual guide). In the benign embraces of his elder brother, he grew up.

According to the saying of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H.) and elder brother is like father. Dada Mian apart from monetary supports as an elder brother as a Peer imparted spiritual, real mystic knowledge and purified self and sanctified soul and illumined heart.

Shah Inayat Hasan came in the fold of Dada Mian at the age of Sixteen Years. He was the first flower, which bloomed and first fruit, which grew in the garden of Shah Raza meaning thereby the great vicegerent who became successor of the pious seat of Dada Mian. He maintained the decorum as Sajjada-Nashin and acted just as required. He served the Jahangiria, Razaiya order strongly and accepted and in unparalleled way, that throughout the world where we find Razaiya grace it is because of him and his accordance and fruit of his labour.

His devotees and vicegerents large in number propagated the Jahangiria, Razaiya and Inayatia way leading to ultimate goal.

Title of SHEIKH-UL-AULIA:   Shaikhul Aulia is a great title indicates his distinction and singularity and marks his glory. The guide of friends of God who occupy high status among Sufis hold this title. Sheikh has synonyms in holy Quran as Murshid. Terminology and dictionary manifest its meaning as keeping someone in company. This way is without fear and harmless. There is no possibility of going astray. There is great danger of going to wrong direction or slipping while indicating the destination.

Quran says “0 believers fear Allah and remain with perfect truthful people comp’etely those who are true in words, in action and by heart. To be a devotee of such true guide and be in his company is the command of Quran authentically. Inayat Hasan Shah definitely fulfilled all requirements mentioned above. It is on the tip of the tongue of some Sufis there is a quote that “one who does not have a guide Satan is the guide.” They make their followers hear this version which means one who does not select a genuine guide devil become his guide. A true path shower is but necessary otherwise Satan would grin and make him his follower. The above saying is not hadith as Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia also clarified. We find in Hadith where Prophet says one who fabricate lie and refer it to me-his abode will be hell. One should always remain cautious while quoting hadith. It’s a great sin to fabricate a version as hadith and great punishment is in store for such liar.

Referred as Chanda Mian :  Mohammad  Inayat Hasan  Shah was popularly known as Chanda Mian. Due to his beauty people in the locality compared him with moon and called Chanda Mian. There is no doubt about this clear fact the family due to physical charm, due to abstention from sin and cleanliness remain incomparable and these qualities are still there in the family in each and every person vividly. The whole lineage is like sun and like moon.

Pilgrimage and humble visit at the eternal abode of Prophet (P.B.U.H):                 In     1356 Hijri he went for pilgrimage to Kaba and Madina for pious sight seeing bounty which every true Muslim cherish to get. He who in sleep or in awakening enjoy sight of Prophet (P.B.U.H) appearing before his physical eyes is fortunate enough. This awakens the fate. It is a precious wealth than more than any opulence. It is a grace more than any favour. The plentiful effulgence of God if shows himself in sleep or awakening more and more rain of divine kindness falls on him. Visit to Madina and time and again pleasure of sight of scared appearance if one achieves it is incomparable one can sacrifice every other boon every other wealth every other benefit and every other virtue. The mentioned great boon is possessed by those who are blessed by greatness of fortune Maulanas, devine persons and noble enlightened friends of God. Shah Abdul Haq Mohaddis, Shah Abdul Razzaq Bansvi, Maulana Syed Mohammad Waris Rasoolnuma were among those blessed ones. He is best to attain such benevolence of Providence.

Presence in Mirza Khail Shareef:A true devotee is he who keeps strong connection and relation with his guide and frequent presence is but essential so that the guide may transfer the benefits well. Shah Inayat Hasan visited in the holy abode of the Peer of his spiritual guide Maulana Abdul Hai in 1339 Hijri at Chatgan Mirza Khail Shareef now in Bangladesh. First time in     1329 and next in 1338. In that shrine it was customary to make separate arrangement for the heads of other shrines for stay. Such treatment of honour was given to him. Happened because of elder brother and Peer (guide) Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah.

Shah Inayat Hasan (R.U.A.) with all his attributes was a great scholar of divinity Aleme-Rabbani is titled to that sacred person who commands respect in such a way that even spiritual heads of the time pay obeisance and give great importance to his scholarship. He wrote books to promulgate his spiritual lineage Ejaz-e-Jahangiri which is a book very fruitful for the seekers.

Those who are adherents to the Razaiya-Jahangiria, Rahatia and Fasahatia order must keep firm connection with their guide and must read thoroughly books such as Sharahussudoor, Seerate Fakhrul Arifin, Seerate Jahangiri, Yadgare Jahangiri. The mentioned books are authentic the study of Shahabuddin Soharwardis Awariful Maarif from guide is but essential. The Sufis and the guides must know the answer of queries of mysticism and way to divinity.

His successor as spiritual chief: Mohammad Rahat Hasan Shah was his only son, and his disciple and ultimately became his spiritual successor after him.

Followers and Vicegerents: He had a large number of followers who were totally in the Inayatia colour satiated with the water of Inayatia river. Vicegerents are less in number but significant they were. Everyone is a guiding light emitting splendor. Faithful and devoted everyone of them had strong desire that system formed by his Peer must prosper and bloom. Sufi Mohammad Siddiq Hasan Shah of Muradabad, Hazrat Sufi Basheerullah of Lucknow, Sufi Mohammad Hasan Shah and Vakeel Sufi Yaqoob Ali Shah were his important vicegerents.

The wife of Inayat Hasan Shah: The wife of Inayat Hasan Shah is buried in the premises of Dargah. She was the chaste gentle and knower of God with decency to handle household and care crowd of visitors. She was a very successful devotee of her husband. It is a matter of great surprise that wife accepted the spiritual superiority of her husband which is rare because she is generally aware of every secret of her husband, all ins outs and every bit of his actions. She had gladly joined the spiritual order through her husband which verify that the life of Inayat Hasan Shah was neat, clean and spotless.

It is because of grace of God and favour of Prophet (P.B.U.H.) that people of the same locality agreed upon his enlightment as a sublime Sufi. Since the people living near watch every conduct every action, contacts and transactions. They are doing transactions as well and keep close eye upon every nook and corner of life and they were educated and wise enough to analyze the aspects of personality yet in abundance they accepted his spiritual superiority and became Mureed (devotee). No one can deny the fact that dwellers of that particular place surrendered their self and will before him and recognized him as guide. Such merits make them known as holy persons. May God save the system from all odds.

Mohammad Inayat Hasan Shah left this World on 4th Shawal, 1360 Hijri (26th October, 1941 on Sunday at Bhaisodi) according to his wish and will his last congregation (Namaz-e- Janaza) was lead by very able Khalifa of Imam Ahmad Raza Khan- Allama Naimuddin Muradabadi.

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  1. Mere dada huzoor
    Hazrat Khwaja Sufi JALALUDDIN Khizr Rumi Shah R.A.
    Mere peer-o-murshid
    Hazrat Khwaja Sufi SAFIUDDIN Sadi Miya.

  2. .M M Morshed ali

    Dear brother, I am a follower of Jahangiri silsila. I am disciple of Hazrat Shahsufi Moulana Mufti Momtaj Ali (RA). Who was the Khalipha and son of Hazrat Shahsufi Moulana Amzad Ali (RA). Hazrat Shahsufi Moulana Amzad Ali (RA) was the chief khalipha of Hazrat Faqrul Arefin (RA). The Mazar Sharif of both bujurg at Ellahabad Jahangiria Shahsufi Momtazia Darbar Sharif Chittagong, Bangladesh…..M M Morshed ali (e mail: tuhin270268@yahoo.com)

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