Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Fasahat Hasan Shah(r.a.)

“Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim”


Name:                        Mohd. Fasahat Hasan

Titles:                         Excellent among guides

Favouite of Mustafa (P.B.U.H) Certified Divine Figure

Alias :                      Mian Huzoor

Date of Birth:           29th Zillhijj    1374 Hijri

19th August 1955 on Friday

Begining of learning of Quran at the age of 4 Years by elite father Rahat Hasan Shah

Marriage: Fasahat Hasan Shah was married on 13th may 1982 in Bareilly as his inlaws belonged to that place. They were Afghanese and famous for their splendid nature, religious mind, and following of pure sunni faith. They were spiritually connected to the spiritual order of Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah and there had been matrimonial links as well from that family to this family. Both the families cared to save the creed which is very good to maintain. His inlaws had always been virtuous, noble, clear hearted and kind.

Fasahat Hasan Shah went for pilgrimage vn the year 1997 with his wife. He was the eldest son of his father Rahat Hasan Shah and was a devotee successor and greatest vicegerant who inherited the spiritual seat of his father and performed his duties in a very elegant manner. If among the predecessors somebody has done noble deeds it affects the descendents and the grace continues to transmit itself in shape of nobility. The holy order has been adorned by the virtues of the sacred personalities who worshipped God sincerely and remained clear in their conduct, abstained themselves from the wrong and supported right. The Character of Fasahat Hasan Shah was moulded in the matrix of such glorious references. His name Mohd. Fasahat Hasan Shah signify the perpicuous language that was the beauty of the speech of the grandson of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H) and of Hazrat Imam Hussain too. we get all favours from the doors of Prophet(P.B.U.H). The elegance of nature has made Mian Huzoor cloud of liberality which benefited the seekers of the ultimate reality and watered the gardens of their lives and land of their spirits. Those who came to him were benefited. He made the particles of dust the

shining stars and made iron as valuable as gold. He Inculcated the Islamic Ideology among his followers in such a way that so many became perfect Sufis. He possessed four Peers(guides) 14 spiritual lineages with authenticity and all refulgence gathered around him. We should mention here that we must have a clear concept that a person who is attached to a particular order and person he gets all prosperities from him only whether worldly or spiritual. So we must take in grip one hand and must remain firm and stick around that personality.

The young age of Fasahat Mian:  He was only 20 years old when the burden of the spiritual commitments came on his shoulders and he performed all so well or rather we can say he promoted that spiritual system wonderfully so much so that countless people with respect and adoration became his followers.    He was called Mehboob-e-Mustafa as he served Islam with great enthusiasm and  always remained successful in conveying the message of goodness. Mehboob-e-Mustafa means beloved of Prophet Mohammad (P.B.U.H). No surprise we should have because this title suited to a person who had been doing a lot for Islam a religion based upon the idea of oneness of God and service to humanity. He always remained the supporter of Communal Harmony and organised during Urs a mushaira dedicated to the cause of National Integration. People of all castes creeds and color came to him and found solution of their problems. He was a very good looking man possessing winsome personality which captivated countless hearts and remained sovereign of their souls. Infatuation for Prophet Mohammad(P.B.U.H)was always fresh in his heart which he tried to transfer to his followers in order to make their lives

presentable. Due to his extreme indulgence in the affairs of Deen-e-lslam and mystic practices he became guide to so many guides who respected and considered him as their Chief. This can be called the greatest achievement. He has absolute control over his self and followed the path of Hazrat Ali who is the main source of inspiration of all sufis. Treading on the path of righteousness tied to raise what is low in human beings and specially in those who are related and connected to his spiritual order. He followed well the version of the saying of Hazrat Ali who says among Muslims I am an ordinary man. Though he had large number of followers and devotees yet he remained down to earth and tried to talk to the people according to their mental level. Humbleness made his personality more loveable. He mixed up with the people with no sense of superiority.  Humanity was glittering like gold in him. As a real mandicant he never thought of harming anyone rather showed love to even those who are not his friends. The courtesy that is the beauty of Prophet (P.B.U.H) is the greatest miracle, which is possessed by all great men who are near to God and Prophet. His behaviour was always polite and kindness kindles in him. His prayers were answered and so many yearning hearts forgot their pains while they came in his company. He preferred to live in the world of eternal trianquality at a very early age but left behind him the ideology and a system which will contribute a lot to the betterment of humanity.

Famous Urdu poet Basheer Farooqui frequently visited the Khanqah and was close to Mian Huzoor. He told me an anecdote, which is very useful to learn lesson. Fasahat Mian had some dispute with government machinery about the Khanqah. A person working there was acting against the interest of him. Basheer Farooqui in order to boost his morale and to pacify assured him to set right the person. Fasahat Mian magnanimously said that we have resigned all to God and we are ‘faqeers’ in the way of ‘Allah’ therefore we should not think of doing bad to anyone. It was an statement which will always be shining bright.

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