Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Sabahat Hasan Shah(At present).

“Bismillahir Rehmanir Rahim”


son of   FASAHAT HASAN SHAH(R.U.A) Present head of Dargah Nabi Raza Shah, Lucknow

After describing the noble deeds and manners of inspiing personalities I felt it necessary to open a new chapter which will delight all seekers of ultimate reality.

Yes, we must see and fix our eyes upon the countenance of Sabahat Hasan Shah the present Sajjada-Nashin of his excellent predecessors I started visiting dargah when Fasahat Hasan Shah was alive. Sabahat Mian was a child then but the period of frolic and fun never came in his life. His father left the world to settle in world of eternity. He was made head of the order and spiritual establishment. I think no one teaches swimming to the offspring of fish so happened to Sabahat Mian. He turns out to be a marvelous example of loftiness of sufis. With his serene face, with smile on lips and with delicate tone he has a power to win the hearts. He understands the meaning of self- denial well and very carefully keeps himself away from the glamour around. Humanity in him make him more glorified. Once he applauded my poetry in a gathering and again in privacy expressed his likeness. I in return praised his elevated sense of understanding the meaning of poetry. He said “still I know very little and learning from competent people”. This he said when the flood of devotees surrounded him as moths fall in frenzy of love upon the candle. I was wonderstruck by the statement. The female devotees with pure heart, for sure, try to touch in respect his hands. But what an action!. He stretches his handkerchief transmitting his blessing in it and enough.

One who knows the grade of others is highly sagacious The son of head of Khanqah-e-Kazmia visited him with me. I was surprised to see that how great sense of discrimination he has. He bestowed upon him the pious and costly sheet of cloth which was touched by the sacred grave of Khwaja Nabi Raza Shah. When we returned we began to have love tinged by reverance for him.

Shah Sabahat Mian has a spiritual legacy which will increase his spiritual powers as the land of his heart is highly fertile. He speaks less means more which becomes beauty of expression. As a result of his worship, strict observance of the dictates of Quran and Compulsory rules incumbent upon Muslim  he enjoys inner satisfaction which when exposes itself apparently  appears on his pure and eloquent face which is sweet enough to stir up souls. I am sure he will rise to the limitless heights.

This year during the ‘Urs ceremony’ Dr. Tariq Qamar, Senior Editor ETV Urdu, was covering the proceedings of Urs. He was talking to Farhat Hasan Shah the loving Uncle of Sabahat Mian and predicted that Sabahat Mian due to his gravity of nature will rise very high spiritually. His ways of life confirm this inference at which Tariq Qamar a sensitive poet has arrived.

Shah Misbah Hasan Shah and Farahat Hasan Shah are his loving uncles who render support on every occasion to him they are also blessed by the spiritual bounties and very loving person. May they live long.

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