Hazrat Khwaja Mohammad Nabi Raza Shah (Q.S.A.)

Quadari, Chishti, Naqshbandi, Soharvardi, nizami, Abululai, Jahangiri

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Once Hazrat nabi raza stayed at the place of deputy Badi ul Aalam Sahib and Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen also stayed at the place.After Namaz-e-fajr Hazrat Nabi Raza Shah was excersing due to his excersing building of that place get shivring.Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen also in that building when Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen saw shivring of building so he asked Badi-ul-Sahab why this building is shivring?The Badi-ul-Sahab said Hazrat Nabi Raza excersing due to his excersing this buliding is shivring. Hazrat Faqhrul Aarifeen said to Badi-ul-Aalam Sahab when physical power of the person (Nabi Raza Shah)can make building shivring than spiritual power of that person can make this world (Shivered).

Ziarat e Dargah Hazrat Dada Miya




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